Orchestral Musicianship

Developed and delivered by some of Sydney’s leading music educators and conductors, SYO Orchestral Musicianship offers a conceptual and technical counterpart to the practical ensemble skills SYO musicians develop through their weekly rehearsals. Orchestral Musicianship is compulsory and included for all musicians in SYO Strings Stages 1, 2 & 3. Optional Orchestral Musicianship classes are available for musicians in the Symphonic Orchestral Program.

Symphonic Orchestral Program Course 1: Orchestral Musicianship Essentials

Symphonic Orchestral Program Course 2: Orchestral Music 1600-1900

Symphonic Orchestral Program Course 3: Orchestral Music 1900-2000

All programs will be delivered via weekly Zoom meetings through SYOnline.

Orchestral Musicianship Team

James Pensini
John Ockwell
Sarah Qiu
Angus Davison
Michelle Wang