Richard Gill Chamber Orchestra

Richard Gill Chamber Orchestra

The Richard Gill Chamber Orchestra (RGCO, and formerly known as Stage 4 Strings) is the springboard to the Symphonic Orchestral Program. RGCO is where many young musicians will experience playing in an orchestral setting for the first time.


Musicians will have their first taste of the SYO Symphonic Program including elements such as: 

  • Original orchestral and chamber repertoire
  • Regional touring opportunities
  • Symphonic performance opportunities
About Richard Gill accordion-plus accordion-minus

Richard Gill was a celebrated conductor and music educator and Chief Conductor of The Sydney Youth Orchestra from 1977-1982. 

Among his many roles, he was the founding conductor of the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra, taught at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, was director of chorus at Opera Australia and musical director of the Sydney Chamber Choir and former artistic director and chief conductor of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra


He was the founding artistic director of the Victorian Opera and the Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra.


Richard's passion for music education had a profound impact on not only the musicians of SYO but the entire music sector. 


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