2026 International Tour

2026 International Tour

Chief Conductor, Stanley Dodds
Berlin | Prague | Bielsko-Biala | Vienna 
31 March–14 April 2026

Returning to international touring for the first time since 2019, SYO is thrilled to offer young musicians the opportunity to: 

  • Work with Chief Conductor Stanley Dodds,
  • Performing concerts Berlin, Prague, Bilesko-Biala and Vienna
  • Workshop with leading international orchestras
  • Discover the home of orchestral music with their friends. 
2017 SYO International Tour

Tour Highlights

On Easter Sunday musicians will perform in one of the worlds greatest concert halls. This is a once in a lifetime experience for any musician to perform in the home of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

Workshop with the Czech Philharmonic

The Czech Philharmonic, is one of the worlds most distinguished symphony orchestra celebrated for its captivating performances and recordings of classical and contemporary music.

Cavatina Philharmonic

The Cavatina Hall in Bielsko-Biała is a renowned venue for music performances and cultural events in Poland. It is home Europe's newest Orchestra the Cavatina Philharmonic.

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

The final concert will be in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, blend majestic acoustics with the cathedral's historic ambiance, creating an unforgettable musical experience in the home of orchestral music.

Chief Conductor, Stanley Dodds

Stanley Dodds, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of Europe’s newest Orchestra the Cavatina Philharmonic, bringing a wealth of experience as a violinist with the Berliner Philharmoniker for 30 years, including 12 years on the executive board. He has also served as a conductor for over 20 years, currently holding the position of Chief Conductor of the Sinfonie Orchester Berlin.

Committed to music education, Dodds directs youth orchestras and fosters international collaborations, reflecting his dedication to shaping the future of classical music. Stanley was appoint as Chief Conductor of The Sydney Youth Orchestra in 2023. 

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Tour Information Pack

Express Your Interest:

The International Tour is open to all musicians who are members of the SYO Symphonic Orchestral Program (The.SYO, SYO Phil, SWO, PSO, RGCO, and WSYO) in 2025 & 2026. 

Priority will be given to musicians in The.SYO and the SYO Philharmonic however we encourage all current and new members to apply. 

Musicians must audition for SYO in 2025 to be considered for the tour, and will have the opportunity to express their interest when they complete their 2025 SYO Audition Application Form.

Note: current members should apply using their personalised audition application link, sent via email on Thursday the 4th of July.

The 2026 International Tour Orchestra will be announced in late October 2024.

SYO is proud to continue our International Touring Partnership with Hayllar Music Tours.

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