Unleash Your Creativity at Haymarket Creative

Unleash Your Creativity at Haymarket Creative.

Discover the beating heart of Sydney’s Arts and Cultural scene at Haymarket Creative Rehearsal rooms set within a dynamic creative hub fostering innovation and collaboration. As a haven for leading arts, screen, and cultural organizations, Haymarket Creative is more than just a space; its the home of SYO and it’s where creativity comes alive.


Introducing Haymarket Creative Venue Hire by Sydney Youth Orchestras 

SYO proudly manages the Haymarket Creative rehearsal spaces, providing an unparalleled venue for musicians, theatre groups, arts organizations, and community arts groups to bring their visions to life. In collaboration with Create NSW and UTS, we present a space designed to amplify cultural production and encourage new collaborations.


Our spaces are suitable for activities such as:
• Rehearsals for music, film and theatre
• Workshops
• Panel discussions
• Conferences and industry events
• Screenings
• Audience testing
• Live streamed and hybrid events

Explore Our Versatile Spaces

Haymarket Creative – Moot Court

Subsidised: $140/4 hours

Commercial: $294/4 hours

Size – Area 167m2 (approximate) (9.5m wide by 17.57m long)
Capacity – 124 people

Haymarket Creative – Main Theatre

Subsidised: $232.40/4 hours

Commercial: $488.05/4 hours

Size – Area 251.7 m2 (approximate) (12.1m wide by 20.8m long)
Capacity – 113 fixed seats + 113 temporary seat capacity

Haymarket Creative – SYO Orchestral Rehearsal Room

Subsidised: $500/4 hours

Commercial: $950/4 hours

Size – Area 275 m2 (approximate)
Capacity – 110 people

**fees are ex-gst.

Booking Fees Tailored to Your Needs

We understand the diverse nature of our creative community, which is why we offer two tiers of hire: Subsidised and Commercial. The booking fee is determined based on your responses in the Hire Application Form. And guess what? The fees are capped at 8 hours, no matter how long your booking lasts in a single day.

Your Creative Journey Awaits with our easy booking process

The Haymarket Creative Theatre Spaces* are managed by Sydney Youth Orchestras as the Haymarket Creative Theatre Space Manager on behalf of Create NSW, as well as our own SYO Orchestral Rehearsal Room.


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