3 musicians standing on a hill instruments aloft at Dusk - title become a changemaker is spread across the sky
Your legacy as a Changemaker extends far beyond the confines of a donation; it is woven into the fabric of SYO's mission and the lives of countless young musicians who benefit from your support. Together, we can shape a future where music knows no boundaries, where every child can discover the magic of music, and where your legacy as a Changemaker echoes through orchestras around the world.

Our SYO alumni and supporters, know your time with SYO is more than just musical education; it’s a journey of growth and opportunity. As part of a community that values giving back, we invite you to stand as visionaries once more, fueling the change that SYO brings through your generosity.

Our Changemaker Fundraising campaign isn’t just fundraising; it’s about shaping the musical future. Your support nurtures dreams, breaks barriers, and inspires young musicians to reach for the stars. By contributing, you help us ensure that every young person, regardless of background, can access the transformative power of music, fostering talent and creating lifelong connections. Join us in safeguarding the future of orchestral music and building diverse musical communities. Thank you for being a Changemaker.

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