Young Double Bass Player SYO Annual Reports


SYO offer a number of scholarships to support the needs of our individual musicians:

  • SYO Opportunity Scholarships provide assistance for financially disadvantaged SYO musicians
  • SYO Principal Chair Scholarships are offered to the principal chairs of The Sydney Youth Orchestra recognising the highest level of music excellence

Scholarships are designed to encourage members to pursue their passion and commitment to learning.



Our talented young musicians come from diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds. Talent has no price tag but nurturing and enabling that talent to reach its full potential certainly does. We aim to ensure equal access to all young musicians who successfully audition to enter one of our orchestras. Suggested donation levels:

  • $4,500 covers all costs associated with one student for 12 months
  • $1500 covers a full scholarship (student fee contribution) for one student for 12 months
  • $750 covers  a partial scholarship (student fee contribution) for one student for 12 months
  • $500 covers student touring fee contribution for our annual Regional Tour

Every gift over $2 is tax deductible and will make a difference to young musicians experiencing financial disadvantage! To express our thanks, donors will be recognised as SYO Student Patrons for 12 months online and in concert programs. If you would like your gift recognised in a specific way please include this in the donation notes.  

“This scholarship took the financial pressure off my mum. Growing up, she never had the opportunity to play a musical instrument, but she made sure I did. Since joining SYO in 2013, I have looked forward to every Saturday with such enthusiasm because I am part of a professional ensemble. I have made many friends all from different parts of Sydney, schools, ages and cultures. However, the love and commitment to music is what binds us together and our drive to perform at our best. The offered tuition has made me a much stronger performer due to the excellence and drive of the SYO conductors. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the generous donors who contribute to the scholarship fund and their support in helping me nurture my passion of music through SYO.”
Opportunity Scholarship Recipient (15 years old)



Each section of our flagship orchestra is led by an outstanding young musician dedicated to undertaking a career in the performing arts. Support through this program, subsidises program fees, tour costs and master classes with professional musicians from Australia’s leading orchestras (SSO, ACO & AOBO).

Principal Chair Scholarships are valued at $4,500 per calendar year and donors are invited to select the principal chair they wish to support. Together with naming acknowledgements for 12 months, donors enjoy  a strong and tangible link with the young musician they are supporting.  

Please contact Mia Patoulios, Business Development Manager if you would like to discuss becoming a Principal Chair Sponsor on 02 9251 2422.