Our Supports

We are so grateful to all of the individuals and foundations for their belief in our young musicians.


Steve Bell

Jan Bowen AM

Peter Davidson

Susie Dickson and Martin Dickson AM

Tim Samway

Mike Thompson

The Howarth Foundation

Patricia H Reid Endowment
Macquarie Group Foundation

Francis Beens
Kate and Daryl Dixon
John and Irene Garran
Gohil and Caruana Family
Wallis Graham
Peter and Desley Hunter
Terence Kwan
Suzanne and Tony Maple-Brown
Ian and Pam McGaw
Janet Nash & Alan Hauserman
Ravenmill Foundation

Ursula Armstrong
Timothy Downing
Bunny Gardiner-Hill
Mira Joksovic, in memory of Tom Vanovac
Sarah Sherwood

Gabriel Van Aalst
Joan Connery OAM
Geraldine Doogue
Stefan Fenk
Jeffrey & Anna Mellefont
Pieter Oomens
Greeba Pritchard
Félicité Ross
Renier van Staden
Kirri Stone
Michael Thompson
Elaine Walker and Nicholas Walker

Antoinette Albert
Neil Burns
Anne Cahill
Federated Music Clubs of Australia
Dr Fiona Gallagher, in dedication to Stage 3 Brahms
Anthony Gregg
Tim Horton
Nancy Milne
Robert Mitchell
Megan Solomon
Kay Vernon
Deanne Whittleston

Megan Aubrey
Rosalind Baker
Melonie Bayl-Smith
Kate ffrench Blake
Belinda Cooney
Loreta Fin, in honour of my time at SYO
Andrew Fischhof
Henry Freiburg
Jane Furlong
Ian Hill
Nathan Huang
Victoria Jacono, in memory of Henry Jacono
Kristen Jung
Dorothy Krockenberger
Bonne Lee
Greg Levy
Norman Long
Nikolas Margerrison
David Markell
Sally Murray
Estelle Pham
Albert Poon
Reingard Porges
Victoria Rands
Real Property Manager
Heather Roland
Phillip Shovk
Zheng Tang
K E Whittle
Shemara Wiikramanayake
Angela Wright

* This list is up to date as of December 2021 

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