Report a Safety Concern on SYOnline

SYOnline - Reporting Form

SYOnline - Reporting Form

Please use this form to report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe whilst using SYOnline, including:

- Bullying
- Inappropriate Posts
- Inappropriate Behaviour of any kind
- Disruptive Behaviour/Posts

Any reports submitted via this form will be sent directly to SYO Management and are strictly confidential. SYO Staff will contact you should any further discussion regarding this matter be required.

To make a confidential report to SYO's CEO, please email your concerns to [email protected]. This email goes only to the SYO CEO and will not be discussed with anyone unless required by law. For more information on SYO's Child Safe Policy please visit;
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Report Details

Only one file supported! If you have multiple screen shots, please make them all into one file.
Click on submit to send this form directly to SYO management.

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