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Welcome to the SYOnline SYO Theory Page! This is your one stop shop for essential information regarding your group, online classroom access and much more.

Google Classroom
Theory Classrooms will be ready soon!
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Weekly Zoom Meetings
Theory Zoom Meetings will happen on Saturdays starting on May 9
Morning (Stages 1 & 2) – 9am to 9:30am
Afternoon (Stages 3 & 4, SWO, PSO) – 12pm to 12:30pm

Click to view your Schedule. This will include dates tasks will be posted, task deadlines and live meeting information

Absence Notification Form
You are still expected to notify us if you are going to be absent to a live Zoom meeting. This helps your Tutor plan your rehearsals and activities.

2020 Code of Conduct and SYOnline Guidelines
To be a member of SYOnline you must follow certain rules and guidelines.
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Report a safety concern
Click here to report anything that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable on SYOnline. Your report will go directly to our Management.

Technical Difficulties?
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact SYO Staff at [email protected]