SWO PSO Tour Form 2018

SYO Central West Tour 2018 - SWO and PSO - Installments

Musician Details

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Drop Off and Pick Up

Rooming Preferences

SYO will take your preferences into consideration but cannot guarantee you will be roomed with the above musician(s). If you don’t have a rooming preference, you will be placed with musicians of a similar age and instrument.
Tour Volunteers
The successful delivery of an SYO Regional Tour relies on the dedication, hard-work and support of parent volunteers
If you would like to travel with SWO and PSO on this Regional Tour, please let us know.

Please note: touring volunteers will need a current Working With Children Clearance number and are required to agree to the SYO Volunteering Code of Conduct.

If you would like to volunteer but do not have a current Working With Children Clearance, please complete the form linked here and apply today. 
This procedure is free of charge for volunteers. 

These criteria are not essential for selection as a parent volunteer,  however knowing this information in advance helps the SYO Operations Team to plan the tour. 
Refund & Cancellation Policy - Please Read Before Proceeding
  • Any withdrawal from the tour must be communicated in writing to Sydney Youth Orchestras as soon as a decision to withdraw is made. Please be aware the withdrawal from this tour would jeopardise the artistic integrity of the tour program and performance outcomes. 
  • Refunds cannot be given for any deposits, monies expended or costs incurred by SYO in relation to the tour. 
  • The determination of whether a deposit, expense or cost is non-refundable shall be at the sole discretion of SYO.
  • Where, for any reason beyond the control of SYO, it is determined that it is necessary for the tour to be cancelled, the above refund policy will apply.
  • The determination of whether a factor giving rise to a decision to cancel the tour is or is not beyond the control of SYO shall be at the sole discretion of SYO.
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2% credit card fee included
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