For 44 years, SYO has inspired young people to achieve excellence through a love of music, while also helping them develop skills of self esteem, discipline, teamwork, leadership and performance. As one of Australia’s leading and most comprehensive youth orchestra programs, with over 500 musicians from across Sydney, SYO is committed to the long-term investment of helping our young musicians realize their potential and their dreams.


Sydney Youth Orchestras is a not for profit incorporated association and is directed by a dedicated volunteer board who meet monthly. SYO’s daily business is operated by the board’s appointed management team and artistic director. 


With less than 10% of our funding derived from government sources (Create NSW), and approximately 30% from participation fees and 20% ticket sales, we rely on the generosity of our private and corporate supporters to help us continue developing the top orchestral musicians of the future.


100% of funds raised are used to support young musicians and encourage the love of music in the broader community. There are a number of focus areas for giving:

  • SYO Excellence in Music Education
  • SYO Students 
  • SYO Community & Outreach
  • SYO Enterprise Bank

Sydney Youth Orchestras is a registered gift recipient and every gift over $2 is tax deductable.

“This scholarship took the financial pressure off my mum. Growing up, she never had the opportunity to play a musical instrument, but she made sure I did.Since joining SYO in 2013, I have looked forward to every Saturday with such enthusiasm because I am part of a professional ensemble. I have made many friends all from different parts of Sydney, schools, ages and cultures. However, the love and commitment to music is what binds us together and our drive to perform at our best. The offered tuition has made me a much stronger performer due to the excellence and drive of the SYO conductors.None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the generous donors who contribute to the scholarship fund and their support in helping me nurture my passion of music through SYO.”
Opportunity Scholarship Recipient (15 years old)