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SYO Summer School combines high level orchestral tuition with an emphasis on developing team and ensemble skills in musicians. SYO Summer School provides a week-long open music program packed with choir rehearsals, large ensemble playing, masterclasses and tutorials, music theory and info sessions, as well as the opportunity to make friends and have fun!

Please complete this form to apply and secure a place in SYO Summer School 2020.

Please note, Summer School in 2020 will take place at Santa Sabina College in Strathfield.

Sydney Youth Orchestras cannot be held responsible for acting on information which is 
incorrect or out of date. To activate the $75.00 sibling discount, please complete this form for the first child, and then apply with the special sibling link available on the confirmation page of this form. All subsequent siblings booked will be eligible for this discount. 

Sydney Youth Orchestras aims to provide a happy, safe and nurturing environment for all our participants to find out more about the SYO Child Safe Policy. To do this we require some personal information which will be used in line with the SYO 
Privacy Policy

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This will be the primary contact address used for SYO communication. Please check this email address regularly for updates.

*SYO Summer School is open to school-aged students.

*SYO is committed to creating an environment where participants, regardless of gender, can feel safe to learn. Gender at SYO is defined as what has been recorded on a participant’s birth certificate.

If unknown/unsure please type 'TBA'

Instrument Details

Piano applicants are advised that they will be placed in an orchestral percussion section, and that SYO does not provide piano tuition.
Saxophone and Euphonium applicants are advised that they will be placed in the Symphonic Wind Band and are not able to audition for the Summer School Orchestra.

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Dietary & Medical Information (Parent/Guardian to complete)

All information provided on your child’s behalf will be treated with the strictest confidentially and is required to ensure we can provide the best care for our participants.

SYO employees or volunteers can supply paracetamol with parental permission. For all other conditions or ailments, such as allergies, hayfever, colds etc, participants must have and administer their own medication. SYO employees or volunteers may supervise participants in the administrating of medication, once parental permission is provided.


The SYO 2020 Summer School HSC Preparatory Program is a focused series of lectures and workshops designed to inspire, educate and engage any students making preparations for their HSC. Led by NSW music educators and long time HSC markers, this program will cover areas of theory and practice that relate specifically to the NSW HSC Music 2 curriculum. Participants can expect to receive intense training on theory, composition, essay writing, thesis development and constructive performance critique. I would like to enrol myself/my child in the SYO 2020 Summer School HSC Preparatory Program:
Summer School 2020 Fee Information
Standard Program                 $550.00      5 Day Orchestral Program (+$10.50 transaction fee)
Standard Program + HSC*    $650.00      4 Day Afternoon Theory Program (+$10.50 transaction fee)

*Open to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in 2020 only.

Terms and Conditions 
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