The Fractured Orchestra

At a time when the world is on pause, we know that music does not have to be.  With face-to-face orchestral performances currently not possible, the orchestra is, for want of a better word – fractured.

SYO is proud to launch a new adventure available for all SYO musicians – The Fractured Orchestra – an interactive, online compositional project.

Curated and mentored by composers Damian Barbeler, Alice Chance, and film-maker Sophie Raymond (creator of the wonderful documentary Mrs Carey’s Concert), our musicians will respond to a series of themes to describe their current experience and future imaginings for themselves and the orchestra using music, words and images.


1. Loss -The empty chair

2. Touch – My best friend

3. Understanding – Same old song?

4. Freedom – Unexpected beauty

5. COMFORT (‘Comfort Music’ – Alice Chance work)

6. Renewal – Together Again

All of the content will be made by the musicians themselves.  The results should be perceptive, quirky and very moving – a tantalising preview of the post-Covid world in music, from the view point of our young musicians.  The series of six themes will fit together sequentially into an overarching narrative video that can be viewed as a single ‘story.’