SYOnline Term 2 Final Video Performances

Term 2 of SYO 2020 was completed entirely online through the SYOnline platform.

These videos were filmed from our musicians’ living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, pieced together so that although apart, our musicians can still come together.

Click the desired performance title below to be taken to a video of the performance.

SYO Strings – Stage 1 Corelli 
Storm – Soon Hee Newbold
Conductor: Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich

SYO Strings – Stage 1 Vivaldi
Pagodas by The Heavenly Lake – Stephen Chin
Movement II. Urns of Fire
Conductor: Niamh Armstrong

SYO Strings – Stage 2 Haydn
Passacaglia – Handel (arr. Frost)
Conductor: Jonathan Whitting

SYO Strings – Stage 2 Mozart
Overture from Pulcinella Suite – Stravinsky/Pergolesi (arr. Corkill)
Conductor: Peter Corkill

SYO Strings – Stage 3 Brahms
Finale from Classical Symphony – Prokofiev (arr. Gruselle)
Conductor: Kathryn Crossing

SYO Strings – Stage 3 Grieg
No Time to Die (Billie Eilish) – Billie & Fineas O’Connell (arr. Pogson)
Conductor: Rachel Pogson

SYO Strings – Stage 4 Sinfonia
Sinfonia II in D Major – Mendelssohn
Movement III. Allegro Vivace
Conductor: Joanne Waples

Peter Seymour Orchestra (PSO)
King Stephen Overture, Op. 117 (abridged) – Beethoven
Conductor: John Ockwell

Symphonic Wind Orchestra (SWO) 
Symphony No. 1 “Lord of The Rings” – Johan de Meij
Movement V. Hobbits (abridged)
Conductor: James Pensini

Western Sydney Youth Orchestra (WSYO) 
Symphony No. 5 in C minor – Beethoven
Movement IV. Allegro – Presto (abridged)
Conductor: James Pensini

SYO Philharmonic (SYOP)
Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64 – Tchaikovsky
Movement I. Andante—Allegro con anima (abridged)
Conductor: Brian Buggy