2021 Winter Showcase

Sydney Youth Orchestras is looking forward to bringing all of our ensembles to the stage in their first concert of the year. The Winter Showcase will celebrate the incredible achievements of our young SYO musicians and we look forward to seeing them perform.

When: Sunday 20 June

Location: Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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Concert 1 – 10am:


Stage 1 Bach

Stage 2 Beethoven

Stage 3 Brahms


Concert 2- 12pm:


Stage 1 Vivaldi

Stage 2 Haydn

Stage 4 Sinfonia


Concert 3 – 2pm


Stage 1 Handel

Stage 2 Schubert

Stage 3 Grieg


Concert 4 – 4:30pm


Stage 1 Corelli

Stage 2 Mozart