2021 HSC Winter School Fees

PROGRAM COST $350 + 1.49% booking fee


Performance practice (with SYO accompanist) + $50
30-minute rehearsal with Josephine Allan (HSC Winter School accompanist) and opportunity to perform with accompanist and receive live feedback from experienced HSC performance markers.

Composition consultation + $50
30-minute consultation with experienced HSC senior composition marker to receive live feedback and advice on composition.

Piano Accompaniment track recording + $50
Participants can choose to submit a score for one HSC performance work to have a custom-made piano accompaniment track produced for rehearsal purposes only.


Teacher Reference Discount – $35

Classroom teachers can apply to receive a unique code for their students to access a discounted fee for the SYO HSC Winter School. If you are a music teacher and would like to find out more about SYO HSC Winter School Teacher Support, please click here.

Sibling Discount – $75
Participants can receive a discount if they have a sibling already enrolled in the HSC Winter School.

Don’t forget to assign your $100 Creative Kids voucher to your enrolment!