2020 SYO Strings Camp

IMPORTANT! Child Safety at Camp
Due to child safety concerns, all musicians must be signed in and out of rehearsals each day.

The sign-in desk will be placed outside the Newington College Music Department and all musicians must go through the desk to access rooms. After signing-in, there will be plenty of staff members and volunteers to guide musicians to rooms. Parents that are not registered volunteers will not be allowed past this point. To register and help with camp please fill in this form.

For sign-out, musicians will be taken to the outdoor area in front of the Music Department (Parents must not access rooms for pick-up) and must be collected by a parent/guardian who can mark them off the roll.

If you would like to authorise your child to leave by themselves, this is subject to SYO approval and you must contact the SYO Operations Team ([email protected] or 02 9251 2422) prior to camp.

March 7 and 8, 2020 (Saturday and Sunday)

Newington College – Music Department
200 Stanmore Rd, Stanmore NSW 2048

Do all Musicians have to participate?
SYO Camps are compulsory and are a very important part of your membership. If you are unable to participate for any reason, you must discuss this with SYO Operations Staff ([email protected] or 02 9251 2422)

Arrival Time each day:
9:30am – Arrival and Registration
10am – Rehearsals Start

Departure Time each day:
Rehearsal Finish at 3:15pm

What should I bring?
Your instrument, music stand, music folder, pencil and eraser, water bottle, hat, sunscreen and hat. Meals are provided by SYO.
Bass players must bring a stool for camp!

Big Instrument Storage
Big instruments (cellos and basses) can be left overnight between Saturday and Sunday at Newington College. Please note this is at your own risk and SYO cannot take any responsibility for instruments left overnight at Newington.

To view schedule click here.
Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Participating Ensembles:
SYO Strings Stage 1 Vivaldi
SYO Strings Stage 1 Corelli
SYO Strings Stage 2 Mozart
SYO Strings Stage 2 Haydn
SYO Strings Stage 3 Grieg
SYO Strings Stage 3 Brahms
SYO Strings Stage 4 Sinfonia

Camp Activities:
Rehearsals, Tutorials, Musical Activities, Meeting Musicians from other ensembles and much more!

Dietary and Medical Information:
It is very important for SYO to be aware of any medical condition or dietary requirements you may have.

Meals (Morning Tea and Lunch) are provided in camp based on the dietary and medical information provided on your Enrolment Form. If your information has changed or you are unsure you provided us with your requirements, please contact SYO’s Operations Team on [email protected] or 02 9251 2422

All tuition and meals are included in your SYO Participation Fee

Code of Conduct:
As a member of SYO, you are expected to be familiar with and follow the SYO Child Safe Guidelines and SYO 2020 Participants Code of Conduct at all times. Upholding these responsibilities will help members achieve their musical and personal potential whilst on Camp. By participating in a Sydney Youth Orchestras Camp, you agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Parent Volunteers:
SYO always needs a number of parent volunteers to assist with camp. Parent volunteers duties include but are not limited to: assisting with sign-in, helping set up and maintain rooms tidy and general supervision duties.

If you are available for this camp and to express your interest in volunteering, please fill in this form (form must be filled even if you have previously volunteered with SYO).
SYO will contact parents chosen to volunteer in the camp. Parents chosen to volunteer will have all their meals provided. 

Please contact SYO’s Operations Team on [email protected] or call SYO’s Office on 02 9251 2422
Please note the Operations Team is in the Office Tuesday to Friday only.