University Bonus Points

In recognition of a students participation in Sydney Youth Orchestra programs, some university and tertiary institutions offer bonus points or accreditation. These NSW based tertiary institutions are listed below:


The University of Sydney:

Elite Athletes and Performers: If you are an elite athlete or performer (eg you have competed at state level or higher) and your training or competitive commitments have affected your studies, you can apply for special consideration under the Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme. Approval under this scheme does not guarantee an offer but allows you to compete for a place with an ATAR up to five points below the course cut-off.

2018 Application Forms will be available from August. Assessment criteria, application forms and additional information can be found at


The University of New South Wales (UNSW):

Students may be awarded Elite Athletes and Performers (EAP) points for extra-curricular activities done during the HSC. Students who undertake these activities may be awarded up to 5 bonus depending on the magnitude and number of activities. 

To apply, students will need to individually write a personal statement about their commitment to the program. Applications for EAP points will open in August.

More information can be found at


University of Wollongong (UOW):

UOW offers bonus points based on the location a student goes to school, and also the subjects the student completes in the HSC; and their performance in that subject.

SYO students will though be eligible to apply for UOW’s Early Admission program,

Additional information on bonus point’s schemes is available here:


University of Newcastle:

Schools Recommendation Scheme in which UON considers the applicants Year 11 studies and schools ratings (specifically for those subject areas most relevant to the student’s performance – in this case HSC Music).

B Music Special Admission Scheme which will allow applicants to be considered for admission to the B Music program without an ATAR or not meeting the ATAR cut-off, provided they have completed the HSC (or other state equivalent) or a Certificate II or higher qualification and are exceptional in their creative/performing ability.

More information can be found at


Australian Catholic University (ACU):

Students apply for ACU’s Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP), using a supporting letter from SYO staff and a personal performing arts resume. Success in this program is applicable to all courses across ACU.

More information can be found at