SWO Musician Page

Welcome to the SWO Musician Page! This is your one stop shop for essential information regarding SYO rehearsals, concerts, repertoire and more.

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly to stay up to date with all activities.

SWO Orchestra Schedule

Lists all rehearsals and events for the year.

Please call or text the Symphonic Wind Orchestra number if you’re running late– 0447 083 655

SYO Theory Program Schedule

For members enrolled in the Theory Program. Lists all lessons for the year.

SWO Practise Parts

Links to PDF files for all SWO practise parts

Absence Notification Form

If you are unable to attend a rehearsal you are required to let us know by completing this form.

Code of Conduct

Outlines what is expected of you as an SYO member.


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2019 SWO Facebook Group

Connect with your ensemble on Facebook.

Carpooling Facebook Group

Connect with other families in your area to arrange carpooling to rehearsals.

SWO Big Busk Team Page

Join your team and fundraise with your orchestra.