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SYO Term 3 COVID-19 Update

SYO is registered with the NSW Government as a Covid Safe Organisation. To gain this accreditation we have produced a COVID Safe Plan which can be read in full here.

In line with our COVID Safe Plan, SYO’s Term 3 programs will operate as follows:

Orchestral Training Focus – Chamber Music
SYO’s Orchestral Training in term 3 will focus on Chamber Music. Each Orchestra will be split into smaller ensembles to work on chamber repertory, provide greater focus on skill development in a year that musicians have missed time together, reduce the number of musicians in a room and the risk of SYO being cancelled if restrictions need to be reintroduced.

SYOnline will continue and musicians will have weekly complementary activities to what they are working on during rehearsals. If musicians are unable to return to rehearsals they will still be able to access weekly training activities.

SYO Theory
The SYO Theory program will be delivered through SYOnline indefinitely to reduce any additional and unnecessary contact between musicians.

COVID Safe Implementation
• Each orchestra will be split into smaller ensembles to ensure that not more than 20 people are in a room at any one time and reduce the number of people at Santa Sabina College at any one time.
• Musicians will have a reduced face to face rehearsal time to reduce the amount of time spent in each room. These will fall within the normal time slot of rehearsals.
• SYO Strings Program Stages 1 – 4 rehearsals will be 1 hour guided by their conductors and specialist chamber music tutors
• Symphonic Orchestral Program (SWO, PSO & WSYO) rehearsals will be 1.5 hours, with musicians working both independently and with the guidance of their conductor.
• SYOnline activities will be flexible, complementary activities which student can complete in their own time across the week.
• All musicians will be accommodated in rooms where the 4m2 and 1.5m social distancing rules can be applied.
• Term 3 performances will be recorded and streamed at the end of the term and, if social distancing regulations at the time allow, be performed at The Big Busk on October 8th in locations across the CBD

Read our full Term 3 COVID safe guidelines here

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