Absence Form

Absence Notification/Leave Request Form

It is the expectation that members attend all rehearsals, concerts, camps, tours & workshops.

  • Please make sure that current schedule information from SYO is updated in your diary as soon as it is received, so that you are quickly made aware of any clashes with SYO activities.
  • Should you have a clash (including lateness or leaving early) it is expected that you would re-organise your time enabling you to honour your commitment to your conductor and fellow players.
  • We do understand that emergency or illness can prevent attendance at rehearsal.
  • Approval must be sought for absence other than illness or emergency (minimum of 2 weeks’ notice). Please note that approval is not automatic.
  • If you miss more than two rehearsals in a term you may not be able to take part in that term’s concert. This is at the discretion of the conductor.

Use this form to submit the reason for your absence. This information will reach SYO Operations staff prior to and on the day of rehearsals.

If you urgently need to speak with someone please call Operations 0413 617 816.

For all other queries, please send a text to Operations 0413 617 816.

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