Absence Form

SYO Absence Form

A copy of the Attendance Policy is available in your Musician Handbook. Find a digital copy here.

1.     SYO members are expected to attend all rehearsals, concerts, camps, tours & workshops. 

2.     If you have a clash you are expected to re-organise your time and honour your commitment to your conductor and fellow players.

3.     Approval to miss an SYO event is not automatic and you should seek approval 2 weeks in advance. 

4.     Of course, if you need to miss an SYO event due to illness or emergency please inform SYO staff via this form.

5.     Note that if you miss more than two rehearsals in a term you may not be able to take part in that term's concert. This is at the discretion of the conductor.

IMPORTANT! If you are submitting this form after 5pm on a Friday, SYO Staff may be unable to read it!

Please also text your Ensemble's Mobile:
SYO Strings - 0447 280 138
SWO - 0447 083 655
PSO - 0431 157 661
SYOP - 0413 617 816
WSYO - 0439 375 118
The SYO - 0447 671 119