Ticket Offers

SYO Musicians are eligible for a range of ticket discounts help keep performances accessible to the next generation of musicians and music lovers. 


SYO Presented Concerts

SYO offers discounted tickets to our members to encourage them to attend performances of their peers.

  • An SYO Musician ticket costs $15 per performance,
  • To buy online, select the SYO Musician ticket-type and enter the Musician ID on the SYO side of your 2019 Musician card

If you have lost your card please email [email protected] to get a digital version of your Musician ID

Other SYO Performances

Discount details for other SYO performances will appear here and be emailed to you as soon as they are confirmed


How to buy tickets with your Musician ID

1 Select “Enter Access Code”

2 Enter your musician ID in the box and click “Apply”

3 “SYO Musician” ticket will appear, select “1” (and any other tickets you would like to purchase)

4 Continue with your order