Minds For Music 2020

3 Active Schedules

At SYO, we believe that a healthy mind goes hand in hand with making music.

With 1 in 5 Australians now affected with a mental health problem, SYO, together with our partners Northside Group, are proud to offer Minds for Music, now in its second year in 2020.

Minds for Music is a series of educational workshops and support in the areas of prevention and resilience training in a non-inpatient setting to assist with this significant issue within our society.

Northside Group provide expert clinicians to support SYO musicians, families, staff, and conductors, in building resilience and dealing with issues challenging young people.

With Northside Group’s expert guidance, SYO aims to build an environment for young musicians where all aspects of their development are nurtured including positive mental health.


‘Northside Group is incredibly proud of our community partnership with Sydney Youth Orchestras. Through our bespoke Minds for Music program, we provide expert clinicians to assist SYO performers, their tutors and families in developing good mental health strategies and resilience. Our patients and their families also have the opportunity to experience an SYO ensemble perform at our monthly high tea events, which are part of our social health program.


Northside Group, with four facilities across Sydney, is the largest provider of private mental health services in NSW and has a dedicated inpatient and day patient service for young adults. Northside Group is committed to the delivery of, and access to, the best possible mental health services for all Australians through care, treatment, education and community support.’


Anne Mortimer


Northside Group, part of Ramsay Health Care


For Staff and Conductors

Mental Health Issues in Young People

Creating a Positive Mental Health Environment

Self-Care in a Creative Workplace

22 January



For Parents


Managing Anxiety in Young People

1 February


Managing High Performing Young People

12 September



For Musicians

Leadership Training Days

April and September


Bullying and Relating to Others in a Positive Way

7 March


For Patients

High Tea at St Leonards Clinic

2 February | 1 March | 4 April | 2 May | 6 June

4 July | 1 August | 5 September | 3 October | 7 November | 5 December


High Tea at Wentworthville Clinic

1 March | 6 June | 5 September | 5 December


For more resources on who you can contact for help, head to the Northside Group page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to access resources for parents and young people.