SYO Enterprise Fund

SYO Enterprise Fund

The SYO Enterprise Fund supports the organisation’s long-term strategic goals.

We invite you to become a donor to the SYO Enterprise Fund to help us maintain and improve our business functions, provide additional instruments, and grow and commercialise our music library.

Investors in the fund have enabled us to implement web and IT infrastructure, including a Customer Management System, the purchase of a vehicle for moving equipment, acquisition of rare instruments required for orchestral repertoire, and the expansion of the SYO Music Library.

We also use the fund for:

  • Management infrastructure – As a not for profit arts organisation we are focussed on growing our membership, increasing our reach and further improving our business practices.

  • Instruments & Equipment – we regularly receive enquiries about instruments that we might own and be able to lend, provide or share. We do what we can with the small number of instruments we have, but given limited funds, we must prioritise our students. We’d like to increase the number of instruments that we have available for our students and to share with the wider musician community. All instruments donated or purchased on behalf of SYO, are serviced regularly and stored is appropriate conditions when not being used.

  • Music Library – The SYO music library is an important part of our activities. Over the last 46 years we have amassed more than 700 catalogued works and thousands of digital parts. Our music library is available to our members and other not-for-profit organisations, such as youth orchestras, community bands, charities and schools.
    Our aim is to continue to build this resource for our members, and plan to leverage it as an additional income stream through commercial music hire.

All donors are recognised as SYO Education Champions for 12 months on our website, and in our concert programs.

Donors can also have their gifts recognised in a specific way or under a different name.

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Donation Information