SYO Philharmonic Goes To Broadway

Student Review: SYO Philharmonic Goes To Broadway

On the 29th June, the SYO Philharmonic performed the second installment of its 2017 concert series, titled SYO Philharmonic Goes to Broadway. The Broadway theme was represented in a number of different ways- from the venue of ABC Studios Ultimo, to the repertoire of well-known theatrical works such as My Fair Lady and West Side Story.

The program consisted of selections from Wagner’s Lohengrin, Phantom of the Opera, English Dances by Malcolm Arnold, My Fair Lady, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Symphonic Dances from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein. The repertoire was not only challenging, but also quite long- a 1.5 hour concert featuring six different works! However, the lengthy concert did not seem to affect the players or conductor Brian Buggy at all, who continued to perform with the same energy and enthusiasm throughout the entire performance.

The repertoire was also challenging in that it featured various solos from a number of instruments, which demanded musicality and virtuosity from all members of the orchestra. The performance showcased talent from across the orchestra, from more popular instruments such as the Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Cello, to instruments less featured in solos including the Viola, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon and Percussion. All players were of a very high standard and collaborated with their section, the rest of the orchestra and the conductor to work together as an ensemble.

One (of many) highlights of the concert was West Side Story; a well-known tune to many, the Philharmonic played with a vibrant and energetic mood that enhanced the piece. The mixture o

f melodies with clicking and the orchestra shouting “Mambo!” added a fun touch to the work and I was humming along for a large section of the piece!

Overall, the second of the SYOP’s concert series was brilliant and it was amazing to see young players reaching such a high standard already. It certainly makes me very excited for more of the 2017 SYO Philharmonic’s concert series, especially their upcoming performance of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake with the Sydney City Youth Ballet!

Written by Alison Eom – Alison plays viola in the Peter Seymour Orchestra and enjoys listening to music in her spare time.