Employment at Sydney Youth Orchestras Violin Player


Business Development Coordinator 

Business Development Coordinator – Position Description

Applications Close – Friday December 1st -5pm

Applications should include:

  • Letter of Application addressing the selection criteria
  • A current CV

Submit via email to: employment@syo.com.au   

Selected applications will be offered an interview in the two weeks following.

Application Tips and Hints


  • address each criterion
  • use relevant examples
  • be clear and to the point
  • be honest and factual


  • write lengthy responses
  • rely just on your CV

Your CV should:

  • cover relevant work history
  • list your work and education history in chronological order, starting with the most recent examples
  • not include personal details such as marital status or religion but include contact details
  • only include interests / hobbies if they demonstrate personal achievements, or relate to the selection criteria
  • list two referees and their correct contact details 

Internships  SYO offers a number for tertiary student internships. Please contact us for further information.

Work Experience  Yes, SYO does offer a structured work experience program however we can accept a limited number of applications per year. Priority is given to current SYO and regional musicians. Please contact us for more information.

Fellowships As an organisation dedicated to orchestral training and education, Sydney Youth Orchestras is delighted to announce the new SYO Conductor Development Program supported by Bijl Architecture. With 12 orchestras and ensembles, SYO is well-placed to support young aspiring conductors in the same way that we support young instrumentalists. The benefits for a young conductor being involved in SYO go far beyond the practical training that can take place; the extensive connections with students (who will one day be professional peers) and our conductors, access to repertoire, performance opportunities, and the support of a dedicated
team will mean that emerging conductors coming through this program will have the best chance of entering into the world of professional classical music.


The SYO Conductor Development Program includes:

  1. Annual Emerging Conductor Fellowship – following an Expression of Interest and recruitment process, one young aspiring conductor under the age of 30 years will be given an opportunity to work across all five SYO senior orchestras as well as a number of our junior ensembles. This will involve attending fortnightly rehearsals, preparing repertoire, one-to-one sessions with SYO conductors (including Alexander Briger, Chief Conductor), opportunities to conduct rehearsals, and conducting at least one public orchestral performance per year. The Conducting Fellow will be paid a travel stipend to cover basic costs of attendance.


  1. Annual SYO Conductor Development Day – SYO will employ at least one professional external conductor to spend a weekend with all SYO conductors working on technique. The Annual Emerging Conductor Fellow will also participate in this exclusive opportunity. The conductors will spend time working on repertoire technique with piano accompaniment, before moving onto working with full symphony orchestra.


Expressions of Interest are now closed